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Dedicated to export the best Algerian products to every corner in the world.

Our Adventages

As Algeria is shifting away from the dependency on oil & gas exports to a more sustainable & diversified exports portfolio. Algerian producers have little to no knowledge about international trade, a weakness that our company has decided cover in order to facilitate trade operations East West Export' s services consist of reselling products, acting as a producer and intermediary between international buyers and Algerian suppliers


A large network  and Deep knowledge of the Algerian market


Speed & Efficiency in collecting, sorting and packing products 


Experience in handling export legal requirement & logistics management  

Our Products Range

we offer a diverse products line, range from agriculture products that include seasonal, year-around and premium goods to Agro-industrial products, leather industry, textiles and cork.
Algerian Dates East West Export
Algerian Olives East West Export
Algerian Peanuts East West Export
Algerian Dragon Fruits East West Export
Dragon fruit
Algerian Carob East West Export
White Label Products East West Export
White label

East West Export is the international trade department of The Artwell Company E.U.R.L
Company Registration Number: 19B0093832

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